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Chin Maldonado announces his arrival with his new hit track “Miami Nights”


Chin Maldonado just dropped his greatest work yet. “Miami Nights” has been smashing records all across the Internet with its catchy melody and beats. With over a thousand streams on Spotify, the song’s popularity just keeps rising. And there are no signs of it stopping.

Chin Maldonado has the eye of an artist. That fact was apparent in his art. But now we see another side of him. We now see that he also has a knack for music too. He’s able to create songs that appeal to his fans. They resonate with us on a different level. That is what separates him from others.

Rumor Records have really done a marvelous job in the production of “Miami Nights”. They have ensured that the track was treated with the care and attention that it needs. And their effort really shines through.

Check out “Miami Nights” today on Spotify. The song keeps climbing the leaderboards every single day. We expect more outstanding work from Chin in the future.

Check out his music:

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