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Folabi Clement Solanke’s time is now with his new track “Common Ground”

Folabi Clement Solanke

Folabi Clement Solanke rose to prominence in the music industry with his hit “Common Ground.” Because he was a newcomer to the industry, no one recognized who he was, let alone appreciated his music. Folabi, on the other hand, is determined to change that view with the release of “Common Ground” and get people to realize him for what he truly is.

The term “Common Ground” refers to the band’s current approach to house music. It enables listeners to see the genre for what it is. There are far too many musicians that make popular music by listening to what the public wants. While nothing is wrong with this, Folabi believes that people should approach music with more maturity. When he designed “Common Ground,” he had that goal in mind.

Folabi enlisted Rumor Records’ help to ensure that “Common Ground” lived up to its full potential. They have always respected feedback and understood the necessity for creative liberty in artists. This is one of the reasons “Common Ground” has done so well.

You may listen to Folabi’s new song here:

For more information on Folabi follow him on Instagram at

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