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Tankovitz steps up her game by releasing her new track “Elevated”


Being creative is required to express oneself via any art form. You must be fearless and unyielding in your commitment. Tankovitz is one of those artists that doesn’t mind being critiqued. Her new song, “Elevated,” takes you on a spiritual trip that will help you better express yourself.

Throughout her career as a fashion designer, Tankovitz has taken several risks. It wasn’t for the purpose of fame or power that she did it. She did it because she felt like it. She is able to do so because to her extraordinary ability to articulate herself. Art is an excellent means of self-expression. She hopes to do the same for her fans with “Elevated.”

Rumor Records listened to her desires and produced the song according to her standards. They’ve kept the track’s unique individuality while making it accessible to the general public. The result is a magnificent work of art that could only be made by Tankovitz herself.

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