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New Adult Content Site Peekaboo Is Changing The Industry


The adult content industry is worth about $13 billion, yet it’s still a shadowy economy that walks all over the very content creators making the money. That’s why I launched Peekaboo, the site built specifically for adult content creators who are ready to take their legitimate business to the next level and get the highest payout at 90% for their work. 

One in five mobile searches are for adult content, and an estimated $3,000 is spent on adult content every second on the internet. In Miami alone, adult entertainment is a huge part of the economy.

But adult content stars are still forced to deal with the demonetization and the stigma that comes with the adult industry. It’s not right that sites like OnlyFans take 20-30% of these creators’ profits, then force them off the platform and leave them high and dry.

I’m putting my finance and accounting background and MBA to use on this new adult platform. Peekaboo allows creators to have a more equitable partnership in their business. Peekaboo offers the industry’s highest payout–we only keep 10% and you take home 90%.

Content creators on other subscription and monetization platforms like OnlyFans or on other adult content-specific sites like LoyalFans only take home 80% of what they make. Sites like Just For Fans keep 30%, meaning those creators only take home 70%. A difference of 10% may sound small, but it’s pretty huge–especially when it’s the money you made in your business. Plus, we charge no additional credit card fees.

Adult sites have a history of not looking great and being tough to navigate—but we are changing that. Peekaboo is more user-friendly for both creators and viewers. You know your own work best, so creators have the power to set your own tags for users who are browsing the site to find you.

Viewers can search by category or keyword—a feature currently not available on other fansites—with plans to add “favorites” and a trending system. This means fresh, new content in viewers’ favorite areas is always easy to find, and they’ll never lose track of their go-to creators, either.

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Peekaboo is designed with darker tones to keep bright mobile device screens to a minimum. It’s also got an advanced messaging system, allowing everyone to communicate easily with creators (without costing anything for either side–no fees!).

Finally, we’re getting rid of trolls for good. Peekaboo has no rating or comment system from viewers. Instead, your rating is based on sales, meaning your work is at the forefront, not the opinions of nefarious users or disgruntled customers. Keeping this level of professionalism is another stepping stone towards destigmatizing the industry and giving content creators a legitimate business.

I want to bring this industry credibility and legitimacy. If content creators aren’t worried about paying huge fees, losing their income, or being scammed, they can focus on creating better content and growing their audiences. T

hat’s why I’m also sharing my best tips for adult creators to achieve better strategic business practices. These creators are entrepreneurs and should be treated as such, not stigmatized. 

Viewers can visit now and sign up to start viewing content. If you’re a content creator interested in moving to our platform and taking home more money in a better experience, we’re offering weekly raffles of between $250 to $1,000 for uploading pics and videos. For creators, the first month is free, with a 90% take-home after that. Creators can sign up and start uploading now.



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Editor-In-Chief of Vault Miami Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.