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Miami-Based Business Professional Adina Brunetti Establishes AJMB Hospitality

Miami-Based Business Professional Adina Brunetti Establishes AJMB Hospitality

Adina Brunetti, a well-known hospitality entrepreneur, and marketing pro plans to revolutionize Florida’s restaurant and catering industries with the introduction of the AJMB Hospitality brand.

With the introduction of the AJMB Hospitality brand, Adina Brunetti may be setting a new course for the Florida hospitality sector. With the goal of revolutionizing hospitality services in South Florida and the rest of the United States, the new hospitality company has been established in collaboration with one of the leading marketing and restaurant experts.

Adina, who is well-known for her amazing books and marketing prowess, will work with AB 27 Group, Adina Creative Food, and media and development firms to provide a fantastic experience for all industry stakeholders in the restaurant and catering business.

“What excites me is inspiring people to view the hospitality industry from a different perspective, providing top-rated services to their clients while simultaneously ensuring sustainability and remaining profitable.” – Adina Brunetti.

Because of the emergence of numerous brands along with technological advancements, the global hospitality industry has undergone significant change over time, expanding to become a multi-billion dollar market.

The Business Research Company estimates that the size of the global hospitality market will increase from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $6,715.27 billion in 2026, driven by businesses restructuring their operations and regaining their footing after the pandemic COVID-19. Florida continues to be a center for the hospitality industry, with new eateries and hotel facilities opening up to capitalize on the popularity of the state among tourists.

With the launch of AJMB Hospitality, Adina hopes to raise the bar within the industry and simultaneously enable businesses to benefit more from their services.

With Adina’s great experience in the hospitality industry, AJMB Hospitality aims to offer a variety of services. This includes event entertainment, catering, restaurant marketing and promotion, and events.

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Adina has contributed to the development as well as the marketing of more than 70 restaurants and bars in addition to the local and international special events being creative director at Adina Creative Food and the founder of the renowned AB 27 Group. She has written a lot of amazing books on marketing and the hospitality business.

The thing that makes AJMB Hospitality stand out among other hospitality businesses is its cafeteria solutions. It is a completely managed solution to make office or apartment buffet catering smooth and effortless. Organizations of all shapes and sizes with different budgets can offer their staff and residents a highly personalized and consistent meal experience.

For office buildings and small and large apartments, the company also provides very flexible onsite staffing and effective equipment solutions. It is adaptable enough to fulfill the requirements of any event, no matter what the complexity, budget, or size is.

Along with that, AJMB Hospitality can also assist with rebranding as well as a team member and manager selection, with the goal of achieving operational efficiency, profitability, and success for clients.


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