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Musical Powerhouse & Sensation Titi Dama Flaunts New EP

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Recording artist and producer Titi Dama is on fire with the release and recent success of her record “Gonna Make It”. This record has been gaining a lot of attention and rightfully so, the record embodies the culture of young people today. We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “it’s the (blank) for me” and that’s exactly what Titi Dama did with this release. He says that the Vibe of God is what’s so contagious and that’s what encouraged him to make a song that was relevant to the world today

The craziest part of all of this is that Titi Dama is not only independent but she’s charted in the Top 30 on Radio! She writes all her own music and has even written songs for others. His creative mind is something you cannot box in and truly sets him apart from others in the music industry. The budding artist recently released her debut album which features the song “Gang Gang and Run It Up” and to say this is a memorable anthem would be an understatement.

Listen to it here and see what all the hype is about:

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