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Achievement in Growth: The Journey of Artist $way


Every musician and artist begins somewhere, and growth is always necessary to take the next steps toward becoming a big name. $way is a rapper and music entrepreneur from Los Angeles who looks back on the long way he has come in his career. He began making music at the age of 14 and took the steps toward making a career out of it at the age of 19. “My greatest inspiration would be my best friend who passed away. He was a freestyle artist and before I was making music, he would freestyle after school. Ever since he passed away, I wanted to go crazy for him” $way describes as the catalyst for his career.  Since then, he has gained hundreds of thousands of views and streams on his songs and boasts around 70 thousand followers on Instagram. In a personal interview, the young artist gave some hindsight on his career revealing one of his greatest achievements. He reminisces, “I definitely have to say growth right here, not even going to lie to you. Where I started, no … where I was going when I first started, to where I really started picturing myself is the greatest move I could ever make on the board.” $way believes this is just the beginning of what he has to offer to the industry.

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