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Brujeriagirl paves the way for women DJs in the music industry


For many years the EDM scene has been dominated by mostly male artists. Female artists never have gotten the attention until now. Recently Brujeriagirl, from California, has been changing things by dominating when it comes to live shows.

In 2019 she first got her start by playing at local bars in LA. Soon after that she met with LA promoter, “James Hill” and the two shifted from bars to the hottest clubs in LA. This gained Brujeriagirl the exposure she needed and has helped her name rise high in the last few years.

Now being recognized as a top 20 DJ in Los Angeles, Brujeriagirl becomes a leader for other women who wish to do the same. Her accolades are on display for everyone to see as she keeps on adding shows and festivals to her resume.

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