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Hip Hop Culture and Dreadlocks

Hip Hop Culture and Dreadlocks

Hip Hop Culture and Dreadlocks
Hip Hop Culture and Dreadlocks

Hip Hop culture has become a huge part of the mainstream culture. From the boys in the hood to the girls on the block, you will see a large amount of young people walking around in baggy clothes and baseball caps. One thing that a lot of people don’t notice is that a lot of rappers and hip-hop artists wear dreadlocks.

The reason for this is because it represents the Rastafarian culture that is prominent in Jamaican. They commonly use words like coolie, which comes from India, to represent themselves. By wearing dreadlocks, they live their culture and embrace their roots. They are constantly trying to fix society and they want to make a lasting difference in the world.

Miami HotBoii

When it comes to dreadlocks, there’s one brilliant way to rock them; by getting them done by Miami HotBoii Dreadlocks. There are a lot of dreadlocks artists in Miami, and many have been using the same type of methods to get their clients the same dreadlocks for over 15 years. What makes Miami HotBoii Dreadlocks different from the other dreadlocks artists? The answer is simple: dedication and experience. Miami HotBoii Dreadlocks has been in business for over a decade and has worked with local and foreign clients. They are dedicated to making their client’s dreadlocks dreams come true with their slightly traditional, yet modern dreadlocks styles.

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Famous Rappers with Amazing Dreadlocks

Meagan Good

Meagan Good dreadlocks are the most widely recognized look on the market today. A look that has been seen in every corner of the globe and in every type of publication and fashion show. From the wild to the mild. From the head to toe. From the hippie to the surfer to the corporate executive, from the page to the runway. This look has been spotted on everyone from movie stars to rock stars, from reggae artists to Rastafarian practitioners, from the fashion-forward to the fashion-less to the fashion-challenged. From the urban jungle to the rural backwoods. THIS LOOK IS EVERYWHERE! And this look is going nowhere.

Wiz Khalifa

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For much of his career, Wiz Khalifa has sported various styles of dreadlocks. His hair was cut before shooting a music video for “Black and Yellow,” and that is when Wiz decided he would sport dreadlocks. He had been growing his hair out since he was a child, so it was about time for him to own it.

Lenny Kravitz’s

Lenny Kravitz’s dreadlocks are almost as famous as his music! He’s been a dreadlocks fan since the 80s when he began his career as a singer and musician. His rebellious nature is reflected in his signature hairstyle, which has changed over time. The hairstyle is a symbol of his appreciation for black culture and of the Rastafarian movement. Despite the dreadlock’s associations with communism, Lenny Kravitz says he loves his dreadlock’s hair jewelry and isn’t afraid to give us dreadlock envy!

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