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Get to Know Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur Britt Ogonofski

Get to Know Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur Britt Ogonofski

We had the opportunity to speak to the incredible Britt Ogonofski who is a Business owner, Stock trader, and Beauty Queen at SuperModels Unlimited’s 22nd Anniversary fashion show at the Clevelander in Miami Florida.

Oh boy, she did not disappoint. I saw this pretty little blonde standing out of the crowd of 5’7 and over models, she had to of been maybe 5’3 and I just had to know who she was and how she was booked to walk in such an exclusive fashion show being so petite. 

When I asked her if I could ask a few questions she politely declined and said she could meet up with me after she walked for PinkApple Dresses. To my surprise, right after she walked, she came up to me and gave me her full attention.  I didn’t have much time with her before she was pulled away by more media but I was able to pull off some details about her and what she was doing there. 

Get to Know Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur Britt Ogonofski

Get to Know Beauty Queen and Entrepreneur Britt Ogonofski

How did you get booked to walk the runway – (She giggled) I was booked through my pageant MS International World, I know it definitely is not normal to see a petite model walking the runway however, MS International World has given me so many amazing opportunities to break into the industry and also PinkApple Dresses chose me as one of their models and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity.

Tell me about yourself– I am the reigning Ms. International World Petite 2021, A model, and An Entrepreneur I own Borgiott ( A lifestyle Brand), A mom and I work as an event coordinator at a nonprofit and I trade stocks in my free time.

Where are you from?– Originally I’m from Pennsylvania however I live in Tampa FL

How long have you been in modeling for? 7 years

What do you like to do for fun?  I like to Travel, Fish, Read, Dance, Play football with my son, and Design

What has been the best part about the show so far?  All of the models are amazing, I feel blessed to be a part of a walk for Ukraine.  My makeup looks absolutely amazing (Makeup By LexiNicoleMUA) This whole entire night has been magical and somewhat unreal.

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I’m sure you get asked this alot, are you single? (There was a very nervous laugh) By textbook standards YES I’m single haha however I am concentrating on myself a lot these days.

Will we see you again walking the runway in Miami?  Possibly, Miami definitely is an amazing place for fashion and their standards are a little higher than other parts of Florida so we will see. I think that this night was important for a lot of reasons, the biggest being a huge benefit to Ukraine and MS International World also broke the mold in regards to having a Petite Model highlighted in a bigger production show. Hopefully, I made them proud.



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