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DJ Five Venoms Teams Up with Cliff Savage & Moe on “Replay”

DJ Five Venoms

DJ Five Venoms introduces his brand-new club track, “Replay,” featuring rappers Cliff Savage and Moe, a red-hot track perfect for the beginning of summer.

As the host of Rolling Loud Radio, airing weekly on SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation, and the official DJ of the Rolling Loud Hip-Hop Festival, one of the largest festivals in North America, DJ Five Venoms not only DJs and produces, but he releases his own music.

Based in Orlando, Florida, DJ Five Venoms has MC’d for Mercedes Benz, Macy’s, Wounded Warriors Project, and Harley Davidson, as well as touring and spinning at elite clubs in the U.S., including LIV and STORY Nightclub in Miami.

Growing up in the suburbs, DJ Five Venoms’ cousin introduced him to DJing. Later, he played drums in a band, and then in 2007 moved to Orlando, where he started DJing full-time.

Explaining his unique name – DJ Five Venoms – he told All HipHop, “I’m a huge Wu-Tang Clan fan. There’s a kung-fu movie called the Five Deadly Venoms, they sampled a lot of the words from that movie into their music. I’d found that movie and liked having a piece of that as a part of me, so I used DJ Five Venoms.”

On “Replay,” DJ Five Venoms hooks up with Orlando rapper Moe, renowned for his music on the NBA’s 2k20 soundtrack. Moe’s uncompromising flow juxtaposes against the more melodic delivery of Cliff Savage, whose millions of streams landed him on The Orchard/Cleopatra Records label.

“Replay” opens on a potent thumping rhythm propelled by a fat, vibrating bassline and sleazy synths as the flows of Moe and Cliff Savage infuse the rhymes with intoxicating charisma. One voice is tight and granular, while the other is deep and hard-hitting, giving the tune dual layers of scrummy textures.

Blending the muscle of hip-hop and the gusto of dance vibes, “Replay” rolls out with irresistible momentum.

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