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Luxury Travel Hackers Provide Innovative Travel Solutions to the World’s Élite Destinations

Luxury Travel Hackers
Luxury Travel Hackers

California-based Luxury Travel Hackers, Inc. (LTH) just unveiled their unique, state-of-the-art approach to traveling in a post-pandemic world.

Aimed at mobile millennials, Luxury Travel Hackers removes the speculative hope-for-the-best practice of deciding where to go and how to get there. Travel Hackers has put together endorsed destinations via social media and narrative content.

According to founder Gary Kohn, “Planning a trip can be stressful, time-consuming and feel out of reach as travelers are spending an additional 7.5 hours of research on multiple websites to build the vacation just presented to them. Our web experience provides travel options for all discerning tastes and personalities while taking the guesswork out of the planning.”

Selected on the basis of travelers’ personal interests and budget, each trip is custom-tailored and bookable on social media.

Partnering with prestigious travel influencers who have indeed journeyed to the destinations, Luxury Travel Hackers provides sumptuous travel experiences to the most exciting locations throughout the world. Utilizing shared experiences on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, LTH transforms dream destinations into reality.

Luxury Travel Hackers’ co-founder, Katie Warner, the former Assistant Attorney General of Texas, who has vast experience in boutique luxury travel, explains, “LTH was created to disrupt an archaic system and to completely change the travel booking landscape. We are offering travel enthusiasts a seamless experience and removing the surprises when making a financial and time investment on your next trip.”

LTH’s team has visited more than 100 countries, giving them the capability to vouch for the luxury and opulence of destinations. In addition, later this summer, LTH will launch its novel membership program, allowing members access to exclusive destinations, adventures, events, and discounts.

With early-stage funding escorted by board member Thomas B. Mangas of Centerfire Captial LLC, Luxury Travel Hackers is the destination for finding superb, lavish destinations.

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