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Alaa Harazin: A true story of a man who overcame his obstacles and became successful


Being successful is not an overnight process. People who achieve success and become notable figures in society had to go through a lot of struggles and hardships before they finally obtained their dream jobs.

One such person is Alaa Harazin, who had to endure many challenges before he was able to achieve success in life.

Alaa Harazin believes that entrepreneurship is the solution to all of life’s problems. Having worked his way up from nothing, he has learned how important it is not only to have ambition but also to be able to meet obligations and deliver on promises.

He is a Credit Card Processing professional for restaurants who have proven that you can still end up playing the game even when being dealt a poor hand of cards. As an entrepreneur and award-winning TV producer, Alaa Harazin possesses rooted expertise in the intricacies of business development and innovation; he’s demonstrated an intention to leading positive life that can outweigh setbacks.

Alaa Harazin had an instilled resilience, a strong work ethic, and rooted admiration for helping himself succeed. These qualities helped him earn his degree in business administration. He then built a solid background in sales and marketing to support restaurants that needed help translating priorities into tangible results. After coming face to face with a DUI charge, it ultimately halted Alaa’s progress. But instead of letting this adverse situation keep him stagnant within his career, he used the experience as inspiration to change his life for the better.

Upon that initial pursuit, Alaa has since capitalized on his strengths and is now the owner of two companies – a Television Network and a Credit Card Processing Company. As a TV Producer, Alaa Harazin proactively developed food & beverage shows, Music Talk Shows, Fitness Shows, & Fashion Shows that sparked invested attraction on a national scale and won him the 2020 Telly Award.

Concurrently working as a credit card processor, Alaa Harazin has become best known for his list of innovative ways of training restaurant owners on how to save time & money and amplify sustainable restaurant growth. Between his cultivated pre and post-DUI successes, it has resulted in Alaa Harazin and his accomplishments being highlighted on various media networks.

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As a professional driven by passion and perseverance, Alaa values not only delivering his client base the quintessential credit card processing services they deserve but does so while ensuring everyone across the restaurant pipeline has positive/seamless experiences along the way.

He has a genuine ardency for his career and takes pride in being able to showcase that even the most debilitating obstacles in life can become stepping stones to achieve innate dreams. This, in conjunction with his television accomplishments to date and devotion towards continuous productive growth to obtain new levels of success, is what has positioned Alaa Harazin to become the dynamic restaurant asset and reputable credit card processing professional he is today.

From developing a sales training program for his sales team that serves customers to developing an on-site training program for his customers to spearhead scalable and secured payment solutions, Alaa Harazin is a highly distinguished professional who is committed to exceeding expectations. However, when he is not focused on implementing new cutting-edge systems and processes for his credit card processing company for restaurants, you can often find him producing food & beverage shows for his TV Network and enjoying the company of restaurant owners.


Remember that failure and rejection are minor speed bumps on the road to success. They can even be helpful initially because they help one understand their true desires and passions. One will always experience setbacks at some point in their life, but to achieve anything, one must not let those obstacles prevent them from trying. When faced with a challenge, sometimes you need to think smarter or adjust course but often, what it takes is sheer determination and perseverance!

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