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It may not be summer anymore here in Miami, but a new company called NUUD Pleasures has been heating things up recently with their sexual wellness products that will get anyone in the mood for some ‘fun’!

The company which is based here in Florida has created the first ever vapor aphrodisiac, which brings together hemp innovation and sexual wellness. Their flagship product, VAPORDISIAC, is an all-natural hemp-infused vape containing a patent-pending botanical blend designed to elevate users’ intimate experiences.

And one of the people behind NUUD is Jasmine Viana, who has the title of Director of Education and Brand Outreach.

Her contributions to the wellness brand NUUD have been pivotal. She played a crucial role in setting the branding direction as well as designing the initial packaging, infusing her artistic flair and strategic thinking into the very fabric of the brand’s identity. And beyond that, she has been working with the Miami Heat and other companies as a creative mind for their products and campaigns.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jasmine to learn more about NUUD’s takeover of Florida and beyond, plus her own take on some of the company’s offerings.

As a Miami native and previously working with the Miami Heat, how did you first come across NUUD Pleasures?

So, here’s the scoop on how I got mixed up with NUUD Pleasures. Ethan, the creator of NUUD, slid into my DMs after being referred by a mutual friend. He was all about getting me on board to help them brand this super edgy product. I jumped in, designed their logo, and the packaging too, making sure it screamed ‘freedom’ for everyone’s innermost desires, both in the bedroom and in their minds, you know?

After we wrapped up the start to the project, Ethan and I just clicked. We’d get into these deep chats about all sorts of things—life, love, the whole nine yards. And somewhere along the line, he figured I had the right vibe to spread the word about NUUD. Not just the brand itself, but the bigger picture—helping people get comfy with their sexuality and all that jazz. So yeah, that’s the gist of how I went from courtside with the Heat to repping a brand that’s all about pleasure and being true to you.

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As the company’s Director of Education and Brand Outreach, what misconceptions when it comes to your products do you want to straighten up with people thinking about buying?

Okay, here’s the real talk about NUUD and what I want to clear up as the person who’s all about education and spreading the word:

So, guys often think that they’ll take a hit of NUUD and bam, it’s showtime, but that’s not what it’s about. NUUD is all about the vibe, not just a quick fix. It’s not something you just puff on for kicks—it’s way more than that. Think of NUUD as like, your wingman for those special moments. It’s there to get you feeling all the feels, to make sure that when you’re getting down to business, it’s not just good, it’s mind-blowing.

And nope, it’s not about getting stoned or anything. It’s more like a personal hype-up for your senses. With NUUD, you’re dialing into yourself, getting in tune with what feels awesome. It’s for when you’re looking to really connect, whether that’s with someone else or just enjoying your own company, and take all that fun to the next level. NUUD’s all about embracing those oh-wow moments and making them even more epic.

Do the products actually help people get more sexual and/or have more sex?

Heck yes, it does. It’s like a mixtape of all-natural aphrodisiacs that come together in this awesome oil that amps up the ‘oh my gosh’ factor. Plus, there’s a little hemp derived HHC action to lift your mind to new heights. So it’s not just your body getting all the good vibes, but your mind’s in it too. It’s like the dynamic duo for your sex life, making sure that when you hit the sheets, it’s not just sex—it’s fireworks.

Which of the products are your personal favorite to use?

Oh, my fave? For the VAPORDISIAC I would need to say the Vanilla Lavender as it gives me this truly uplifting feeling and the flavors speak to my palate. Also I have to say I’m all about the Vegan NUUD bites. They’re not just delish, they also have this lasting effect that’s just… unreal. Perfect for when you wanna stretch out that feel-good vibe.


What main products are selling the most here in the Miami/Florida region?

The NUUD vapes or as we call them VAPORDISIAC are extremely popular! They come in different flavors and are catered to men and women each with their own specific traits to heighten each sex’s sexual pleasures.

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And finally, why do you love working and playing in Miami so much?

I’m born and raised in Miami. I have seen this city grow exponentially! The continuous flood of creative people that have moved here have added so much vibrance and life! There is endless inspiration here and I can’t get enough of it.

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