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The Perfect Fragrances to Wear in Miami All Year Long!

The Perfect Fragrances to Wear in Miami All Year Long!

No matter the time of year, Miami is seen as a humid, sunny and tropical city. High temperatures, beaming sun, and light winds make the location desirable during almost every season and serve as the perfect vacation getaway from cooler places. The city can also be recognized for its beautiful flowers, and tropical fruits so it’s no wonder so many fragrances embody this lively and alluring destination.

Fragrances with notes like rose, orange, and vanilla are perfect for such exciting cities. Not only can they be light and airy, but floral, playful, and sweet. Together these scents can uplift any mood, draw in some extra attention and boost your confidence level in an instant!  So, it’s crucial to find a perfume for you. 

Whether you just want a new summer favorite to add to your perfume collection, or desire a new persona overall, these scents will have you smelling delightful and enticing all year round. From soft floral scents to perfumes that are reminiscent of fresh fruit on the Miami boardwalk, there is an option for everyone to experiment with. Check them out, you won’t want to miss them!

1.            Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’68 Beija Flor Hair & Body Fragrance Mist

One Whiff of the fragrance will leave you daydreaming about your favorite Miami memories with your crush. This spray is sweet, flirty, and suitable for a date or spicing up your everyday scent. Sweet dragon fruit, tropical vanilla, and Brazillian jasmine combine to create a scent that is uplifting, full of joy, and can easily create connections with others.

2.            Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Soleil Blanc smells like vacation in a bottle. With just a few sprays you can easily decipher hints of sunscreen, coconut, and sweet floral notes, that will last you all day. This vibrant fragrance is one that not only reminds you of the Miami beaches but fresh coconut and spices that will wake your senses up in an instant.

3.            Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit

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Brooklyn Sun Fruit has captured the essence of warm environments by using unconventional ingredients, and it works! Fresh fig, bergamot, hand-picked jasmine, and vanilla achieve a fresh fruity scent with hints of floral notes. This undeniably sweet blend of fragrances will manage to catch the attention of anyone in your vicinity and flood your senses with a long-lasting scent that will move you, leaving you feeling more confident, flirty, and embodying beauty!

4. B fragranced My Epiphany

One spray of this perfume will leave you reminiscing about warm Miami days and encased in a fruity, floral aroma. My Epiphany by B Fragranced can be described as feminine, light, and sweet. Gorgeous notes of warm musky vanilla, flowers, D’Anjou pear, and wild strawberry are the keynotes to this potion. However, the fragrance is elevated with the help of amber, pomelo, and sandalwood to create a perfume that will have you light on your toes and in everyone’s sight!

5. Bond no9 Fire Island Perfume

For many, one of Miami’s greatest attributes is the sun, and with this perfume, you’ll be reminded of the daylight warmth in an instant. Curated to smell like sun-kissed skin this fragrance is packed with classic notes including tuberose, cardamom, neroli, white musk, and patchouli. Each scent blends together to accurately form a fragrance that is fresh and sophisticated, but still manages to remain beach-like, and fun!

6. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Add a little romance to your Miami nights with this sweet smell that has become a warm weather favorite. Daisy by Marc Jacobs was created with pure romantic emotions in mind. This irresistibly feminine fragrance features top notes of violet leaves and succulent, wild strawberries. It is then followed up with violet petals and velvety jasmine bouquets. And finally, the aroma is met with base notes consisting of musk and vanilla infusion. What’s left is a magical blend that is simple, but still captivating, while maintaining a fragrance of beauty.

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