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How Miami Men Are Keeping Their Beards on Point This Summer!

How Miami Men Are Keeping Their Beards on Point This Summer

If you’ve walked up Ocean Drive this summer, chances are you’ve seen a bearded man with facial hair worth envying. Let’s be honest, whether your growing a goatee or a full beard – the perfect look can be difficult to achieve.

While many credit beard growth to genetics, other factors can play a big role in their success. For example, a good grooming regimen and the right products can stimulate your hair follicles and add some extra nourishment. As a result, you can be one step closer to your desired look. But not everyone knows this!

A common misconception when it comes to facial hair is the amount of time and care they take to maintain – which is quite a bit. No matter the volume, or the length – a good beard is like the hair on your head. It needs to be tended to! Normally, the best beards are the ones that are properly washed, conditioned, and hydrated.

So, If this is already a part of your self-care routine you’re in a good spot. But something else worth considering is the products you use. What we put onto our hair greatly affects its appearance. Depending on the ingredients, your beard may become easier to maintain and full of life or experience common issues like irritation and frizzy unruliness. Pair that with humid temperatures and you’ve got a real challenge.

Thankfully, there are products made for your everyday beard needs and we’ve collected some of our favorites! From all-natural oils to pomades that will keep your beard in place, there’s something on this list that will leave your beard looking better than before. Check out these products and thank us later!

An Exfoliating Beard Wash

Like all hair, the hair on your face needs to be properly cleansed to look its best. However, this is often overlooked. Most times, people find it easier to use a face wash in place of beard shampoo.

The problem with this? Your beard risks becoming more susceptible to bacteria, ingrown hairs, and looking unruly when you forget shampoo. Thankfully, the Scotch Porter exfoliating Beard & Face Wash is a 2-in-1. With this clay and oat powder cleanser, you can gently exfoliate your skin, reducing irritation and unclogging your pores while removing any dirt and access oils from your beard.

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How Miami Men Are Keeping Their Beards on Point This Summer
How Miami Men Are Keeping Their Beards on Point This Summer

A Beard Conditioner

A great shampoo needs a good conditioner to follow in its footsteps, which is exactly what you’ll get with this Old Spice Beard Conditioner! Made to soften scruff, remove beard dandruff, and leave you smelling like citrus & spice, this product checks off all the boxes. Instantly see a dry beard transform, with the daily use of this conditioner that can also be used as a daily leave-in cream to help protect your mane in dry temps!

A Good Beard Oil

A big part of maintaining facial hair is having a great beard oil as a part of your regimen.  These products can soften the hair, add shine, hydrate, and can even benefit the skin underneath – which is especially important in Miami Climates! One of our favorites is the Bamboo & Teak Beard Oil from 103 Collection.

This vegan brand uses natural ingredients and essential oils that are not only good for your beard but for you too! Enjoy a healthy, comfortable beard in no time as the oil works to detoxify, condition, release tension, promote growth and enhance the overall appearance of any mane!

A Beard Balm/Moisturizer

A moisturized beard is a happy one! With the David Mallett Beard Balm, your facial hair will be transformed. In just a few uses your beard will become softer, more moisturized, and easier to tame thanks to its special formula. Made from a plant complex with chemical properties, the balm easily penetrates the hair, strengthens it from the inside, and leaves the hair extra silky, shiny, and smooth!

A Beard Pomade

Nothing is more aggravating for a bearded man than pesky hairs that won’t stay in place whether that be due to weather or other factors. And depending on the texture of your hair, this problem may seem like a nightmare at times.

Luckily there are beard stylers like the Jack Black Clay Pomade, made to style, hold hairs into place, and offer some extra control! Made with tea tree oil, sage leaf, sea kelp, and basil this product not only nourishes but protects. And at the same time will be a lifesaver on days your beard doesn’t want to act right, or the weather is against you!

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