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Meet the Expert Wig Stylist Tamika Gibson at Bronner Bros Show

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Social media has given us opportunities to meet all kinds of inspiring people, learn new things, and broaden our perspectives. Tamika Gibson is a social media sensation. Her viral videos on Instagram and TikTok allowed her to showcase just how much of a beauty boss she is. She is coming to Miami for the Bronner Bros show which is why you should book the dates from the 26th to the 29th of August, as you don’t want to miss her. 

Tamika created the 45 Minute Sew-In which revolutionized the hairstyles of many people. Not long after that Tamika started working with numerous celebrity clients. Tamika’s passion for making clients feel happy and confident started when she made a wig for a cancer patient during her days at the cosmetology school. This experience deeply moved and motivated her to proceed with her career in beauty and helped her achieve all the success she has today. 

After spending two decades as a professional cosmetologist and designing wigs for various celebrities like Lebron James’ wife Savannah James and KeKe Wyatt Tamika decided it was time to grow her business further. She wanted to give back to the beauty community and teach other passionate people about what she learned. That is how The Hair Diagram was born.

This educational platform is filled with various tips and tricks, as well as advanced techniques Tamika has mastered over the years in the industry. The Hair Diagram and her social media platforms are helping shape the future generations of stylists and entrepreneurs. As Tamika understands the beauty business from the inside out, her knowledge is highly sought-out. 

Besides working on her social media platforms and The Hair Diagram, Tamika has also created Bold Hold products. This brand represents the love she has for beauty, and all the experience she has gained over the years.

After sharing her products on social media platforms, Tamika managed to make the brand profitable, trending, and successful. Her vision remained steadfast in helping people feel comfortable in their skin. Therefore, the best-selling product is the Lace Wig Tape, often used by people who experience hair loss. 

Tamika is coming to the Bronner Bros show from the 26th to the 29th of August. this is the perfect opportunity to meet her at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The event is dedicated to multicultural beauty and is the perfect place to network and educate yourself this summer.

The best way to grow in the industry is through the knowledge of the people who have navigated through it successfully, which is why Tamika has decided to have The Hair Diagram booth at the show. 

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At The Hair Diagram booth, you can not only meet Tamika but also buy some of the viral Bold Hold products and try them out for yourself. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity for both people who want to try out some exciting and innovative products and aspiring entrepreneurs, or passionate beauty stylists. Therefore, save the date and visit The Hair Diagram booth from the 26th to the 29th of August. 

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