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DJ KellyJon shines the City Limits on the party with his brand-new single “City Limits”

DJ KellyJon

We had high hopes for “City Limits,” but they were dashed completely. The release of DJ KellyJon’s new single has propelled his career to new heights, demonstrating his status as one of the most famous musicians in the genre.

Jon’s latest EP includes the tracks “With You,” “Lucid Memories”,  “Spectrum,” and “City Limits.” The subject matter of all four songs is a person’s feelings. You’ll want to listen to each song Spectrum and over Spectrum because of the entrancing melodies.

On their own, the sounds in Dj’s songs don’t appear to be able to produce anything interesting. After hearing it, you’ll be certain there’s no other way the sounds could’ve come together. That DJ KellyJon has the musical skill and talent that he does is unquestionable.

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