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How Mike Willion Stays Motivated and Focused

Mike Willion

Working endlessly to better yourself as an artist and as a person can have its drawbacks. For the upcoming southern artist, Mike Willion, he speaks about avoiding burning out and keeping his drive lit. By always moving forward, Mike Willion is full of drive and admiration.

“Consistently doing the same thing without going insane or giving up. Accepting the hate and embracing it. Trying to motivate others who don’t want it as bad as you! Letting go of people who only bring problems.” These were some of the items Mike Willions discussed when talking about the challenges of being an artist. Mike’s music is an active portrayal of his life and how he moves through his day to day. For him, he works hard to stay motivated and move through his days in the best way possible. His work ethic and drive have landed him a huge growing fan base as well an expansive catalog of successful releases.

Mike is planning to release new music this summer but in the meantime be sure to check out his journey on Instagram and check out his current releases on Spotify.

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