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KJ-Wita-Ak Drops New Single ‘Stain Ran Off’, Has Plans To Release A lot More Music


Rising hip hop creative KJ-Wita-Ak has been gaining traction for his unique sound. The Minneapolis based artist has been molding his sound since he began taking music seriously back in 2019. 

KJ-Wita-Ak released his third single of the new year, making moves early in 2022. His newest single ‘Stain Ran Off’ showcases the artist’s melodic side, featuring a catchy hook, deep lyrics about separation, and KJ-Wita-Ak’s unique melodic vocals. 

The upcoming MC is on a mission to release a new single every week until March. The artist has been building a strong catalog of unreleased music for months, now finally showing his talents to the world.

You can listen to KJ-Wita-Ak here: 

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