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Maj3sty Gives Gospel | Sounds “Last Trumpet” Leading Many


“There will be a time on this earth that you’ve never seen before. I do this for the ones that I love and all that I adore.” A small excerpt of the genius lyrics from Maj3sty’s new song Last Trumpet.

Maj3sty a North Carolina native is bringing the kingdom to millennials and for everyone to see. Openly stating that he wants to give the world the gospel through a form of ministry, using music and speaking. However, what makes him different is that he is not promoting religion.

Maj3sty says, “I feel as if there’s a division on earth. You have different religions and religious leaders who are giving the gospel or preaching the gospel from the standpoint of their religious beliefs.

I cannot judge them because that’s not what I’ve been put on earth to do. But I do understand that every person in this world does things based off of their interpretation of scripture or life. I don’t believe that The Father created us for religion or to be religious. I believe that he created us to serve him, be fruitful and multiply on this earth, and to be righteous.

I want to show people my faith and how we all can exist and evolve into who The Father wants us to be, no matter our ethnic background or culture. There is only one truth, one path, one faith, and one destiny. I want to express that and show that, without religion. I don’t want to add to division, I want to unite everyone in this world. The Father deserves to see his children return back to Him wholeheartedly.”

His new song “Last Trumpet” seems interestingly prophetic and biblical, almost like a warning. The rhythm of the music and lyrics are almost modern Bob Marley like in a way, but with the continuation of Marley’s legacy being carried by his sons and their sons: Maj3sty seems to be in a class of his own. But this newcomer is definitely a natural mystic singing a tune that is right on time. We give this song five stars.

To learn more about Maj3sty and get the updates for his upcoming debut album visit the following links.

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Listen to Maj3sty’s latest hit single “Last Trumpet.”

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