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Teddy Celdran locates Thimoj NFT in Miami

Teddy Celdran locates Thimoj NFT in Miami

The famous director of Thimoj NFT opens premises for his company in Miami before his departure.

A very hasty departure following the revelations about him and his revealed membership in the French secret services. The biggest newspaper on the web has devoted an article about him.

Thimoj is the biggest French company of NFT creation and has now a headquarter in Miami in which its 70 employees will be able to work and continue to make live this incredible world that Teddy Celdran has created.

At the time of his departure, PucKix (Teddy Celdran), would have made the biggest payment of his country by withdrawing his funds and his shares of the company while dividing them into four equal parts.

Four withdrawals of 11,000 ETH were made on the night of Tuesday, August 2, 2022, from four different portfolios. The media says this is for him and his relatives.

This nevertheless makes him one of the wealthiest investors in France thanks to an NFT company.

Let’s not forget that he also owned shares in the creation of the currency “Shiba Inu”.

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Since the revelations were relayed by the international media including the New York Times and Fox Television.

During the coalition of the French and American services and during his mysterious disappearance for 10 years, he would have participated in the encoding of this currency in order to be autonomous and invisible.

Mr. Jurgen Stock answers to the New York Times:

“He was indeed in the workforce affiliated with the U.S. national services in 2015 – 2016 and 2017. We have no more to say about him, everything is now classified and kept silent.

His departure was announced and made official today.

A new director takes over from tomorrow to implement the collections freshly announced by Teddy before his retirement including a collaboration with Disney!


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