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Why Restaurant Owners Choose Axiom Payment Systems

Why Restaurant Owners Choose Axiom Payment Systems

With only 10% of today’s customers using purely cash in their transactions, a credit card payment processor is essential. There are other options out there, but the smartest restaurant owners choose Axiom Payment Systems. Here’s why!

On-Site Installation and Thorough Training

It’s a lot of information for restaurant owners! But there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Unlike other payment processing services that simply ship their machinery to you, an Axiom representative will come to your restaurant and install your POS system for you. They’ll provide on-site training and walk you through every available feature. We’ll make sure you feel confident and all your questions are answered.

Instant Customer Support

There’s nothing worse than your payment processing system failing you during a Saturday night dinner rush. Scratch that — there is something worse: being on hold for hours trying to reach customer service to remedy the problem!

You’ll never encounter that scenario with Axiom Payment Systems. We are always available via call, text, or email. Additionally, we know as a restaurant owner you may have an issue, or a problem and you need it solved right away.  Customer support specialists are always available to help, they will find the problem and solve it, even without you being on hold or present on the call. 

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Axiom Payment Systems is raising the bar on customer satisfaction, if the customer service representative can’t solve the problem over the phone, they will immediately dispatch an Axiom field service technician to your restaurant to solve the problem on-site.

Why Restaurant Owners Choose Axiom Payment Systems

Ongoing Check-ins

Here’s the most important thing restaurant owners love about Axiom Payment Systems. Once you partner with us, we’ll connect you with a customer service representative who is dedicated to your business. They’ll check in with you every month throughout our entire relationship. Instead of waiting for problems to pop up, we try to catch them before they even happen.

From the beginning, we always put our customers first. Want to learn more about why Axiom Payment Systems is the best choice for your restaurant? Schedule a free demonstration today!

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