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Woman, Immigrant & LGBTQ+ Owned Global Design Studio ‘EAT’ Polishes Its Brand for 2021

Renata Morris

International design studio EAT, founded by Renata Amaral Morris, began life in 2009 in a windowless 200 square foot office space. Since then, the firm has grown exponentially, adding team members around the world, as well as expanding their clientele, including major global brands, start-ups, and gaming companies. Eat also recently rebranded itself.

Working with macro brands such as Netflix, Amazon, Adidas, and Red Bull, along with gaming companies like Amazon Prime Gaming, Jam City, Blizzard / Activision, Ubisoft, and Venn, EAT provides discerning branding, graphic design, motion graphics, and creative workshops.

Unique not only because of their comprehensive understanding of market currents and an intuitive ability to perceive the inchoate ripples of trends, EAT is a woman, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ owned studio offering an all-encompassing evaluation of branding and design solutions.

EAT’s approach to brand development comprises meticulous brand analysis and research, naming, brand identity, brand architecture, and totally prepared design systems. When considering graphic design, EAT’s engineers split the design into two categories: Digital and Print, and Experiential. At which point they create presentation decks, including scripting and storytelling, UI and UX design for website development, and more. The Print and Experiential categories embrace packaging, signage, merchandise, and stage design. Once the realm of motion graphics arrives, EAT utilizes the spectrum of visual scaffolds: broadcast assets, video trailers, video teasers, motion reels, etc.

Lastly, EAT puts together creative workshops covering everything from brainstorming techniques, organizational processes, leadership, and management for online teams. EAT’s innovative branding process underscores an intuitive awareness acquired by means of delivering branding and design solutions for numerous clients, as well as refining their own brand.

The soul and by extension the personality of any studio mirrors the personas of those in positions of guidance. CEO Renata Amaral Morris has more than 17 years of branding and design experience. It is Renata whose finger gauges the pulse of EAT, finalizes deals, and ensures the success of clients.

Featured in Forbes and Business Today, Renata’s goals include sharing her passion for design through public speaking and education in the field of creative intelligence. While lecturing about design at international creative conferences, she has attained certification as a teacher of meditation.

EAT’s COO and Head of Production, Gabriel Seibel, has completed over 400 projects for leading international brands while overseeing all aspects of EAT’s development and production. A Tedx speaker at the Université de Nanterre in Paris, Gabriel additionally teaches Marketing at Paris’ IESEG School of Management.

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Gabriel Seibel 1280
Gabriel Seibel

The duo of Renata and Gabriel have magnified EAT’s global reach far beyond its headquarters in Los Angeles, now extending to Brazil, France, Germany, and Portugal.

Of course, EAT could not attain success without teamwork. The concept of ‘team’ is not just lip service at EAT. Employees are treated like the valuable resources they are. During the pandemic, all employees were provided with the tools necessary to work efficiently from home, along with flexible work schedules, workout memberships, and psychological counseling.

Everything from their internal operations to the way they interact with their clients proves the effectiveness of EAT’s choice to remain authentic, humanized, and therefore refreshingly approachable. Specializing in brand development, graphic design, motion graphics, and more, EAT has contributed to influential brand development for companies like Adidas, Disney, Warner, and The New York Times. Both Renata and Gabriel desire to combine the proof of their efforts and their genuine passion for what they do to inspire aspirational designers to pursue their dreams despite adversity. The founders of EAT plan to use their platform to assure fellow immigrants, women, and queer-identifying individuals to go after their goals with strength, courage, and fluent creativity.

EAT cares and gets things done.

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