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Munday Martin is Stepping Up His Game With “Silver Lining”

Munday Martin

Munday Martin has been fascinated by the world of music for as long as he can remember, having grown up in a household with a strong musical influence. He was able to start getting gigs in the music industry with the aid of his brilliant father and fell in love right away. He recalls skipping school at a young age to do shows and is constantly seeking that nostalgic sensation he once had. Martin has overcome considerable adversity over the years and is now ready to make music his first focus. That being said, he has released a new song called “Silver Lining,” that you should get in tune with. 

Martin speaks on overcoming his inclinations and addictions in “Silver Lining,” and finds peace with God. Martin’s lyrical flow and careful usage of instrumentals make the song full of harmony from top to bottom. This song will make you think about what you pay attention to and how you spend your time and will have you coming back for more from this talented star.

Munday Martin’s “Silver Lining” is some of his greatest work to date and sets a new standard for what we may anticipate from him in the future. Munday Martin has a lot more in store for the rest of the year, as he expects to release a slew of new singles. If you haven’t already, keep an eye out for his name and listen to him so you can be on the wave early. 

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