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Orchestrate96 Announces New Album Money Baby


After moving to the states in his early teens, Nigerian-born and Houston-based, rapper Orchestrate96 got into music at the prompting from his friends and the inspiration of established artists his own age. He has since built a fan base from the ground up and released a full-length album entitled Young and Naïve. Orchestrate96 works with a plethora of producers across the nation and overseas. Some of these include Kevin Hues, Chain, Dru Stylez, and Kenwiza. Also, Houston producers like Big Kang, Tobin, and Bryant Troy. Now, he plans to drop his second album, Money Baby, which nods to his long-term goal of building generational wealth for his children. The album release is taking a different approach according to Orchestrate96 but still displays his unique style and energy. He hopes fans will find inspiration to “pursue their goals and aspirations” and to not be afraid to turn their passions into careers.

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