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Ronnie Diez aka Diez. is Using his Italian-Spanish Heritage to Create a Unique Sound

Ronnie Diez

Ronnie Diez aka Diez. grew up in an Italian-Spanish-based home in New Jersey, where he developed his everlasting love for music. Little did he know that it would one day lead him to pursue a career in R&B/Hip-Hop.

Recently Diez. has been focusing on his new image and is working vigilantly with 1Moore Studios in New York to help him get it to the point he wants to be. The two paired together just in time for Diez.’s next music release, hoping to give the project that extra greatness.

Diez. loves to express himself through his music and make each song unique. He likes to incorporate his personal experiences and use them as catalysts for his music as well. Diez. acknowledges that it can be hard for him to be vulnerable and express how he feels in his songs, but he believes that the pain is worth it if he can help people going through something similar. Diez. looks to develop music that is inspiring and unique. Incorporating his Spanish background into the field of R&B / Hip Hop is something very rarely heard of today.

Over the course of the next year, we can expect to see lots of good things coming from the side of Diez. He took some time off to reset, but now he’s back focused and ready to become the artist he wants to be. Keep an eye on this talented artist as he continues to develop and prosper.

Follow Diez. on Instagram here.

Stream Diez.’s music on Spotify here.

Check out Diez.’s latest music video for his song “En Mi Cabeza” on YouTube below:

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